Pedestal piece from this last semester. This piece went through so many conceptual switch ups I thought I was going to lose it before the work was finished. It started as a pedestal piece, became a wall piece, then became a pedestal piece again.

I’m interested in exploring this relationship between the sculpture and the pedestal along with the previous scrap metal work I posted. I also found that the heat patina on this work was a happy accident.

Dimensions: around 2’ tall, 1’ wide

Medium: steel

Photos of the sculpture installation show a friend and fellow artist and I held at the end of the semester. The title of the show was Above the Floor Below the Ceiling, and my piece was titled Panic Room.

This installation was created in a little over a week and was crazy to work on, but I’m glad I did it, and I’d like to continue in this vein in the future.

Dimensions: Fills the walls of a 15’X15’ room

Medium: Scrap steel and rustoleum


What I’m working on right and workstation in the sculpture studio. Having an awesome Saturday night.

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Experimenting with paper draped over wire then coated in latex. Latex is fun to work with.

Saw this while walking on campus with my little sister the other night. She pointed out that the ice looked like an oriental mountain painting.


Little sister helping out with some clay for some latex casts. We kind of hijacked a bag of clay for her to use a at home, too. She loves clay.

Ugh posted to wrong blog again oops

(Source: titsandzits)

Mixed media monotype from last semester.

Mixed media monotype from last semester.

Almost forgot, I got better pictures of my sculpture from last semester finally.

A friend needed to video someone doing something from start to finish for a project, so i did a thing really quickly.

Process and finished shots from my third painting this semester, a self portrait. This is as finished as it’s going to be for now, at least. There’s still some anatomical issues going on. I’m okay with it overall, though.

Oil paint on panel.